FranCompare Logo allows franchisors, franchisees, lenders and investors to easily benchmark over 2,300 franchisor systems against their primary competition. The FranCompare analysis is an invaluable tool used to evaluate potential investments before making a financial commitment, as well as to see how your system stacks up against the competition.

The analysis is based on extracting ~60 data points from each franchisor’s most recent FDD (over 2,300 2019 FDDs). For easy comparison, the data is presented on a side-by-side basis. Based on a consistent, arms’ length scoring system, each key line item (20) is individually scored and individual columns are totaled (out of a maximum score of 1,200) for all companies. Meaningful Item 19 data is heavily weighted.

Click here for a sample side-by-side FranCompare analysis 6 Massage Industry franchisors.

Pricing: 4-company minimum is $600; 6 companies are $750; 10 or more companies are priced at $100 per company. All analyses include the underlying FDDs at no additional cost.

Selection Process: Our sister website has over 2,200 2019 FDDs and over 200 distinct investment categories. Click below on the Primary Industry group and drill down to the individual companies. If you want to disaggregate a secondary industry into a more definitive grouping, go to the primary listing on Let us know which systems you want to evaluate. Usual 2-day turn-around.


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