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Being conversant about all facets of your primary competitors' franchise system is critical in your marketing efforts. The most reliable source is undoubtedly their most recent FDD. Even better would be an accurate extraction, analysis and scoring of the key variables in the FDD.

FranCompare™ and the World Franchising Network have been in the franchising business for over 30 years. During that period, we have gained some meaningful insights into what separates great franchise systems from mediocre ones. The FranCompare™ Franchise Recognition Program is the result of those decades of experience.

FranCompare™ is initiating a new Franchise MatrixTM service whereby: 1) You select your primary competitors from over 2,300 2018 or 2019 FDDs listed on; 2) We comb through the FDDs and extract over 50 data points; and 3) We present that data to you in a side-by-side, scored analysis for easy comparison. The Franchise MatrixTM Sample includes an extensive analysis of 4 of the most popular Senior-Focused Services franchise systems. The data is straight-forward. We have inserted a value in the far-right column that includes a weight (out of 1,000 points) that we feel the variable deserves in the overall valuation of a particular franchise system. Each of the variables is scored on a thoughtful and consistent basis.

We send both a scored analysis and an unscored version so that a prospective investor, analyst or lender can prioritize which objective factors in each franchisor’s FDD are most important in analyzing competing systems and to compare systems side-by-side. Keep in mind that the methodology and results of the Franchise MatrixTM are solely the opinions of FranCompare™ and are based solely on what we consider to be the key factors taken from each franchisor’s FDD.

Apart from the standard variables, we provide the following:

If you have an interest in a custom Franchise MatrixTM analysis, please give us a call at (888) 612-9908. The minimum charge for 4 companies is $800 and each additional company is $200. We provide the underlying FDDs at no additional cost.

Source: All information in the Franchise Matrix™ and related charts and graphs was compiled from publicly available Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs). FranCompareTM and Franchise MatrixTM permit no reproduction, electronic transmission or other distribution of the Franchise Matrix™, in whole or in part, except as authorized by separate signed Agreement.